Why do I need to drain my pool?

One part of maintaining your pool properly is draining.  There are multiple reasons, and here are just a few.

One of the most common reasons to drain your pool is because the TDS(total dissolved solids) have gotten too high.  During the summer you are losing a large amount of water due to evaporation.  As the water evaporates it leaves behind solids, including calcium, cyanuric acid and other minerals.  As these levels start to rise they lower the effectiveness of the chlorine and other chemicals causing problems with balancing the chemicals and keeping the pool clear and clean.

It can be pretty easy to spot a TDS issue, you will start to see calcium deposits, brown manganese stains, and you will see hard water buildup on your tile line. You may also experience burning skin, and itchy eyes. The water will begin to taste salty.  Dolphin Pool Mainenace will come out and  test your water’s TDS levels, Cyanuric acid levels, and come up with a solution to help get your poo ready to enjoy again.

Another reason to drain your pool is because you have some repair work that needs to be done.  There are some repairs that can be taken care of while the pool is full; but certain repairs like re-plastering, leak repair, surface repair, and some pipe repairs it is necessary to have the pool drained. 

Lastly, if you have a pool that has been neglected and has become green or severely stained draining along with an acid wash, or chlorine bath may be what is necessary.  Your Dolphin Pool Maintenance service professional will be able to determine if this is necessary.

How often do I need to drain my pool?

Although pool draining is important, there is not normally a need to do it every year if your pool is properly maintained.  Typically in Arizona you can go 2-4 years between drains.

What else should I do while my pool is drained?

Depending on the condition of your surface it is a great time for a acid wash, or chlorine wash.  These services will help brighten pool by removing stains, and algae.  While the pool is empty it's also a great time to replace the main drain with a safety drain,  change the bulb in your light, fix the returns, and clean the tile.  

Included in a pool drain by Dolphin Pool Maintenance is draining the pool with a quiet electric pump with an automatic shutoff, rinsing the surface, starting the equipment back up safely, resetting timers, putting start up chemicals in, and re-balancing the water. 
There’s quite a lot that goes into draining your Arizona pool, and it is best left to qualified pool professionals. Down Under Pool Care offers a drain and fill service (plus the price of chemicals) for $150.00. This service includes:  draining pool, rinsing interior surfaces, priming and starting the pump when full, administering start-up chemicals, and balancing the water.

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