Acid Wash Service

An acid wash is simply removing a tiny layer of plaster, revealing fresh plaster beneath. That being the case, it is not advised to do it annually since it will decrease the lifespan of the surface. Most plaster surfaces (sometimes called whitecoat or marcite) are in excess of 1/2″, so a few acid washes will be ok if they are done by a professional team like ours. An acid wash should be done every 3 to 4  yrs as long as the plaster is still in good shape. It will remove 70-80% of the grime and dirt deposits in the plaster, bringing out a brighter, whiter finish.  One thing is for sure, an acid wash done by Dolphin Pool Maintenance will always provide dramatic results without compromising your pools surface.

An acid wash is a is a great way to remove mineral, and metal deposits from a plaster pool surface. Acid washing can save you money since it brightens the pool surface without the need to re-plaster the entire pool.  An Acid wash uses gallons of Muriatic Acid which literally “etches” or eats away a small layer of the pools plaster revealing a fresh and white layer underneath.  This type of cleaning is very effective, but can also be dangerous to you, and your pool if not done properly. Having an acid wash done periodically will keep your pool looking bright and inviting.

An acid wash will not fix all problems, and sometimes resurfacing is the only option.  For the best results the plaster still needs to be in good shape.  If the surface is thin, cracking, or has been pitted from someone else doing an acid wash improperly It can damage the surface even further.  Please feel free to contact us to receive a free surface inspection and quote.  Even though an acid wash will remove most stains there may be some that cannot be removed without causing more damage. At Dolphin Pool Maintenance we will inspect the pool, and set proper expectations before we start.

Acid Wash Service

Requires the draining of your swimming pool
Removal of all debris
Spray on application of Muriatic Acid
Brush and rinse with fresh water
Neutralization of the acid accumulated in the pool bowl
Refill pool with fresh water
Chemical Balance

The end result is a bright surface, and sparkling clear water!

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